Family. With more fur.

We love our pets and we want to love yours, too! No senior should need to make the impossible decision between enjoying the benefits of senior living and saying goodbye to a furry friend. That’s why we welcome pets at Maple Ridge Senior Living and even provide pet care when residents need some extra help.

Individualized Service Plans

Just as our human residents don’t receive recycled care plans, four-legged residents also received the personal treatment! Feeling sleepy when Sir Barks needs to go out for his evening potty break? We’re ready to assist! All kinds of daily services are available to plan for your unique needs. We’re even prepared to set up a seasonal care plan for the very hot or very cold months when you’d rather stay inside.

Every pet has a shot

While we’re not quite equipped to take in full-size horses, we don’t discriminate for arbitrary rules such as age or size. Young or old, large or small, don’t write off bringing your pet just yet. Let’s have a meeting so we can get to know your beloved pet and we can formulate a care plan that will suit the both of you!

…And we can give them hugs at the meeting, right?

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