Does the cat know your life story by heart?

Being lonely isn’t just an irritation, human beings need social interaction to lead a healthy life.

Many people have come to accept loneliness as an unfortunate fact of life as they get older. They think that it’s just something everyone deals with and it isn’t a big deal. But the truth of the matter is that chronic loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day!

Maple Ridge makes sure that loneliness isn’t an issue. We cater events and entertainment every day so that you always have ample opportunities to socialize with your fellow residents and make those vital connections. Not only that, but our packed calendar is designed to nurture every aspect of you as a person. Your body, mind, and spirit will all be attended to so that you are the best, happiest person that you can be. Enjoy true freedom and comaraderie.

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Watch this!

A classic film, a rousing live musician, a thrilling dance performance! They can all be found on our jam-packed calendar so that you can sit back and be amazed, awe-struck, and moved.

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Whose turn is it, anyway?

Do you love a good board game? How about a couple hands of cards? Or maybe you’re a little bit of a pool hustler (we won’t tell). Whatever games you love, we’re ready to play!

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Group Outings

Pile in the car and buckle up.

What is that thing you always WANTED to do but never got around to? We’d bet you’re not alone. We love to get everyone together to try someplace new! Let’s do it.

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Expand your understanding.

We believe that no matter what age a person is, we should always be learning. Learn with us by joining in mindful or educational events!

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Strength to feel incredible

We believe that a healthy body is vital for prosperity and happiness. A sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to progress and good health, so we provide exercise equipment that is senior-friendly as well as many classes to keep you moving and your heart pumping.

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Where to today?

If you’ve got someplace to be, a quick call to the front desk is all it takes to schedule a ride! Shopping trip, doctor’s appointment, event in town, wherever you’ve got to be, we can get you there!

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What’s that, Sonny?

We love our kids and grandkids! Not only do we enjoy having them around, we know that interacting with younger generations provides valuable interactions for all members of the family.

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Generosity isn’t limited by age.

Studies find that people who volunteer feel more useful, capable, and confident! Maple Ridge actively seeks out opportunities to give back to those in need.

Events Calendar

Our calendar of events is updated regularly and may change without notice. We will make every effort to update our Google Calendar immediately when changes occur.

Did you know you can add our Google calendar to yours? Do it today to always know what’s going on at Maple Ridge!

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