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Supportive Neighbors and Partners.

Maple Ridge is a community that knows how to be there for one another. No longer will you or your loved ones have to worry about your health and happiness. Our days are filled with relaxation and exciting events – not mowing the lawn and making dinner. Every date is spent with new friends, old friends, and even furry friends.

Your Home. Stress Free.

Come to us with challenges, come to us for help, come to us and know that you are with those who care. Maple Ridge will be your home and your path back to a lifestyle of your choosing. We have the expertise and the amenities to help you lead the life you want to lead. Our apartments mean you will be comfortable while our services mean you will be worry-free. At Maple Ridge, you can focus on you and your life, not on chores.

Our Values

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Prioritizing Safety
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Honoring Veterans
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Welcoming Pets
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Spoiling Grandkids
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Advancing Health Technology

Very nice place. [Name removed] has been wonderful answering all of our questions. My sister has an appt on Saturday to sign the paperwork.

— reviewer