We know your struggles.

While no two situations are the same, we at Maple Ridge have seen just about every challenge that comes with aging. We believe that nothing is insurmountable and that whatever your current situation may be, we can help you improve your standard of living and shift attention to the things that are most important to you. Let your care become our concern so that you can focus on family, friends, and the things that bring you joy.

Wellness is a core tenet of life at Maple Ridge and involves more than just physical care. Everything we do at Maple Ridge is to promote a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Pillars to Genuine Quality Care

The success stories of Maple Ridge happen because we care for residents as a people – not just ticking off check boxes down a uniform list of care tasks.

Read below to learn more about the core concepts behind Maple Ridge’s personal care services.

Holistic Care

We set up plans that fit your lifestyle at the start of your journey, but extra support at every level – from care to dining and everyone in between – make your dreams a reality.

Care Planning

The biggest hurdle that one can face is uncertainty in how to reach your goals. The first step is understanding where you want to be. From there, we take a ground-up approach in using the tools of each department to help you get there.

Personal Choice

Providing care on YOUR schedule and understanding what you are paying for. Once you have the opportunity to review your own personalized plan, the benefits immediately become clear.


New solutions to timeless problems

Maple Ridge Senior Living utilizes technology and regular, open dialogue in order to help us better care for residents. All of our optional technological features are discreet, unobtrusive systems that allow us to better respond to crises, should they occur. Give us a call to learn more!